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Plant Based Milk Alternatives

SugarFree DariFree veggie milks are Great for Drinking, Cooking and Baking, Use Warm or Cold, on Cereal, as a Milk or Creamer. Simply add to Water, Tea or Coffee. Sugar-Free and a friendly treat for your child’s health, the best choice for a non-dairy milk substitute. Allergen free Potato Milk Powder.


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Healthy Treat for Everyone, Sugar-Free and a Healthy Treat for Everyone including Children with Autism, Asthma, ADHD, and PKU.


DariFree™ blends are a friendly treat for your family’s health and are always sugar-free. 100% Dairy-Free, DariFree Potato Milk alternatives are a unique blend of Digestive Resistant PreBiotic Fiber from potatoes which feeds good bacteria. Perfect for adding to Probiotic supplements. Can be used to help prevent respiratory infections and ramp up (BOOST) the immune system, Supplement diet and Improve / Balance Gut Flora and Encourage a Healthy Immune System and Promote Digestive Health.

What is DariFree? A Non-Dairy Milk alternative made from specially processed non-gmo potatoes, DariFree™ Potato Milk is Vegan, free of preservatives, Plant oils, Seed oils, MSG, Isoflavones, Sugar-Free, free of Anti-Nutrient Plant Toxins and qualifies as a non-allergenic milk alternative that can be enjoyed by most people who have special dietary needs including Diabetics. The best Dairy-Free alternative base made form potatoes that can be used to make many different Dairy-Free blends of ice creams, yogurt drinks, creamers and milks that is always Sugar-Free. Great for Drinking, as a Creamer, with Cereal, Cooking and Baking. From Entrées to Deserts, you can substitute DariFree™ for Milk (powdered or liquid) in almost all recipes.

Delicious – Creamy

GFCF – Vegan

Physicians, Nutritionists, Allergen Friendly food producers and the Authors of dozens of books and hundreds of recipes written for the GFCF community recommend DariFree as the best choice for a non-dairy milk substitute.
  • Food Allergies are caused by proteins and Sugar-Free DariFree is protein free. All ingredients are FDA GRAS approved and is free of preservatives, Isoflavones and free of Anti-Nutrient Plant Toxins
  • EGG/PROTEIN – free
  • RICE/SOY/TOFU – free
  • PEANUT/NUT/Lugumes/PEA – free
  • MSG/Lecithin/mono-diglycerides – free
  • Made with all natural FiberSweet® and is free of all types of sugars, Syrups/Syrup Solids, HFCS, GUMS, Artificial Sugars/Flavors and free of Sugar Alcohols.
  • Free of ALL types of Sugars
  • Stevia free
  • Aspartame free
  • Saccharin free
  • Sugar/Sucrose free
  • Sucralose (Splenda) free
  • Fructose free
  • Inulin/IMO free
  • Dextrose free

Friendly for your child’s Health, assists the body’s absorption of nutrients, vitamins/minerals, Improve/Balance Gut Flora, Promote Digestive Health, Increase/Feed Good Bacteria, Decrease Harmful Bacteria. 

What is potato milk? Potato milk is one of the lesser-known milk alternatives but is not a “new discovery”. Potato Milk has been marketed and sold throughout the world for over 4 decades. Usually sold in powder form by popular brands such as Nevoso, YumTum, and DariFree, mixed with water to create a milk.

DariFree™  veggie milks are sugar-free and the best choice for a non-dairy milk substitute

DariFree™  Potato Milk – Allergen-Free Sugar-Free Powdered Milk Alternative

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